1) ch4, sc2, 2sc, ch2 turn
2) sc2, 2sc, ch2 turn
3) sc same st, sc3, slst, ch4
4) hdc in 2ndst, dc2, hdc, sc3, 2sc, ch2 turn

5) sc2, slst, ch2 turn
6) sc2, 2sc
7) ch19, slst, sc3, hdc3, dc3, sk1 st, sc12, ch2 turn
8) sc7, 3sc in same st, hdc, dc2, sk1 st, slst, ch7, slst
9) sc, hdc, dc3, sk1 st, slst, ch5, slst
10) sc, hdc, dc, dc in same st as ch5, sk3 sts, sc10, ch2 turn
11) sc same st, sc5, ch2 turn
12) sc6

13) ch5, slst2, (ch2, slst2) twice, sc, 2hdc in next st, hdc2, sc2, scdec, ch2 turn
14) sc6
15) ch3, sc, hdc3, sc5, ch2 turn
16) sc same st, sc7, 2sc in same st, ch2 turn
17) sc same st, sc2, sl st, ch1 turn

18) slst, sc3, ch6, slst, slstdec, ch2, slst, sc same st as ch2, dc4, ch1, sl st side of dc, slst same st as dc, sk1 st, slst, sc same st as next slst, sc6, ch12, slst, sc6, 2sc in next st, sc9, slst, ch1 turn
19) slst, 2sc in next st, hdc, dc4, hdc3, sc6, slst
Tail Barb
20) ch3, slst, sc, dc into end of tail, ch1, slst into side of dc, ch3, slst, sc, slst to tail, slst

Spines21) ch3, slst, hdc, sk3 sts (including same as ch3), slst to 4th st, slst2, {ch4, slst, hdc, dc, sk3 sts (including same as ch4), slst to 4th st, slst2}} three times
22) slst5 across front of wing in an arc, slst1 on neck
23) ch4, slst, hdc, dc, sk3 sts (including same as ch3), slst to 4th st , slst

24) ch4, slst, hdcdec, slst to same st as ch4
25) ch3, slst, sc, sk3 sts (including st of ch3), slst join to 4th st at top of brow, end off